Thursday, 25 October 2012

What is a person to do?

*sigh* Once again, I have managed to make someone feel that they had to escalate one of my e-mails to her Director, my Director, my Manager, the Working Group Lead... She only missed my supervisor! Maybe I should help her out and forward it to the Director General & the CEO? (joking)

But, at some point, I knew this was going to happen. The writing was on the wall. I wrote the process, to the best of my abilities, double-checking my sources and following best practices, adapting, where necessary to meet the requirement of an organisation new to the process... I got feedback and I defended why I did what I did (links to external sites in a word document - no porn, totally relevant to the subject at hand).

But last week, the DG told her that she "owned" the process. And that's when she was blessed with the power to smite.

She was showing her lack of clear understanding of the subject matter early on in the project. She didn't really grasp all the parallel initiatives, and their influence on our work. But now that she has been blessed, she knows all, and those who disagree or question her are to be smited.

I think I might ask to be removed from the project. At least that will guarantee that she won't escalate my e-mails anymore... And my poor manager, who is a good guy, won't get dragged into this shit anymore... Ya really gotta feel bad for him. He's too busy to be bothered with this crap. :( My director is a very nice person too... Everyone's time is wasted on this one.

... And now I'm waiting for the shit-storm that is sure to follow *sigh* better pick up some mixer for this evening. I have a feeling it's going to involve Bombay Sapphire Gin.